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Victoria Elizabeth & Sacred Energy 33

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                            Energy is all around us ~ let it nourish you!!

                             ~  Welcome to SACRED ENERGY 33 ~


SACRED ENERGY 33 is a culmination of years of business experience and personal growth. The inspiration for this website site and offering my services to you was placed on my heart quite some time ago. It was the quiet voice, and gentle nudging from, the God spirit within me, that led me down this path to you. This website, Sacred Energy 33, the Facebook page and Etsy shop are all a labor of love and a piece of who I am. I have no employees or volunteers and am responsible for all that you receive from Sacred Energy 33. I want to insure you that when you receive a Reiki treatment or a message from me (if one comes through during the session.) it is blessed and from God... the source of all knowledge and love &light.


I believe we are all on a path to something meaningful and special if we just listen to our inner self and follow our hearts. Over 25 years ago I listened to that inner voice and bought a home in a charming little village where I raised my children. Now that they are grown, the sound of kids playing has been replaced with 2 dogs, 7 chickens and the quiet sounds of nature; allowing me to reflect and meditate through the creative expression of Reiki and prayer. Along with the very deep spiritual side of me, I love to sing, dance, hula~hoop, paint and do creative design. Mostly, I love to keep busy, so I'm constantly working to perfect my creative gifts and more importantly my inner self. 


One day someone called me a “light worker". I thought, well that's interesting, why would they say that? So I began to find as much information as I could on the topic and low and behold, the more I read and researched the more I realized, "Wow, this IS me!!".  Prior to hearing the term "light worker", I knew I was an empath. Someone who sees and feels the world and others, with great empathy and sensitivity. It wasn't until this new revelation of being referred to as a "Light Worker" that I could put a name and connection between my sensitivities and actions towards humanity. My desire has always been to help people and animals when they are hurting and in need of love and attention. I believe the GOD spirit, or higher power energy source within all of us, (including our pets, wild animals, plants, trees and all nature), have an energy that radiates out and affects everyone and everything in the vicinity, like an invisible network of light. Not everyone is sensitive to this energy, but those who are, like myself, can’t easily turn off the need to reach out to helping those in need. I've known since I was a child I had been given special gifts, it wasn’t until I was older that I could fully understand and appreciate the meaning of clairvoyant, intuitive, empath and automatic writing ... and most importantly, what to do with these gifts. ~ (meaning it's easy for me to see, hear and feel the energy around me, and to be able to receive and write down messages). I’m a Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher in, Usui Shiki Ryoho, an ordained Christian Minister and spiritual advisor. My desire is to bring peace, love and Gods healing energy to all who seek it.


Reiki is for everyone and does not discriminate. It’s healing energy and source light with heartfelt pure intention is a powerful healing tool. Reiki cleanses, opens chakras, relaxes and reduces stress, creates hope and grounding for strength, opens the third eye for spiritual clarity and will help to enhance your natural gifts and abilities. My sincere hope and reason for this website is to continue to extend love and kindness through Gods guidance and promise to us all. The items and services offered at Sacred Energy 33 are made and sold with heartfelt pure positive love intention, infusing those qualities into each item ready for your purchase and enjoyment. The distance Reiki energy you receive is done in the quiet of my home. I use white sage, holy sweet grasses, other herbs, crystals and rocks that are natural and pure. These natural energy sources from the earth are used during distance reiki treatments as well. All of the items I offer in my Etsy shop are blessed and cleansed of negative energy, they are fully charged and attuned with the radiant love & light from our God source energy of Reiki and prayer.


I offer Reiki treatments / sessions for your pets as well as for you personally. Whichever session you choose, time will be set aside just for you or your pet. My love and compassion for you and / or your pet and the session you choose will done with utmost care and professionalism. Your session will help you with improved well being, by opening your chakras, grounding you and strengthening your aura. (The energy that surrounds your body). My goal is to help you achieve peace, harmony and inner happiness. I also want to ensure you have a great experience with me by offering you excellent customer service with good clear communication, along with quality treatments / sessions and products.

May God Bless you Abundantly and keep you forever in His care.


Love, Light and Happiness,


Victoria Elizabeth

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