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Testimonials from Clients & Reiki Practitioners

So incredibly helpful. It really has made a difference in my life. Very helpful. Lots of results and communication. Love it!

Very caring and helpful. I'm seeing results. ~ Confident

Very happy with the session and intuitive reading 😊

will most definitely return when I need long distance reiki. ~ Luwana

Sacred Energy 33 Distance Reiki
Sacred Energy 33 Intuitive reading

This was my first time using this healer's service and I'm pleased to report, I am very pleased with her gift. Yes indeed, I will continue to work with her as needed. ~ maejackson

The message was absolutely beautiful and came at the right time.

Thank you so much!!! The feedback is also very much appreciated.
Blessings to you, ~ Misty

Fantastic session. Very caring and informative healer. Many thanks!! ~ Leepypea

Kind and intuitive. I do believe that she has the healing gift. ~ Leila


This was a healing experience for me. I am satisfied with the results. Thank you. ~ Vikki

Amazing long distance Reiki Healing session... Cleared/cleansed my Chakras and filled with Universal life force. Great customer service and highly recommend. ~ Rachel

Sacred Energy 33 Reiki Healing Session
Sacred Energy 33 five star rating

Five stars isn't enough for this amazing experience. Great person with very special talents. I feel... rejuvenated. Healing a bit faster. I will most definitely be getting distance Reiki again. 100% recommend. ~ Elise 


Five stars as always. Amazing. I'll be back for more distance Reiki in the near future. Much love from Kansas! ~ Elise

Ah! Thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki yesterday. And for this insightful email. It really helped to know what you saw while you were working on me. 

My goodness! I didn't realize I had such a blockage in my sacral chakra, but I must say, there was a time during the session where I felt it light up, which I'm sure is the moment I started having more free flowing energy there. Thanks so much for helping me to clear it! And my back does seem to feel a little better than it did yesterday :)

And thank-you for the kind words and support about my energy. I am very excited to have help and have Reiki become a bigger part of my life with the attunements :)

Overall, this was just a great session, so thank-you sooo much!



Sacred Energy 33 Reiki Energy
Sacred Energy 33 Chakra Clearing

What kindness. E-mailed me back right away. You can feel she really cares and right on the money. ~ Barbara

Wanted to send a message of thanks- so grateful for the experience I had. My experience was completely different from Reiki sessions I have had in the past, it was very powerful, and for lack of a better comparison, it was almost as if I was "tripping". In the days since then I have felt much more clarity and grounded. I plan on purchasing another session, so we will be in touch again soon!! Thank you again!! ~ Audrey

Sacred Energy 33 Great customer service

Hi, Just a few words, I want to thank you sooooo much from all my heart for a beautiful energy work you've done on me and for all the notes you picked up during my treatment. I feel so much better physically and emotionally, most of my worries just faded and now I finally feel excited about my trip! 😉 I also highly appreciate that you found time for me before my flight. Thanks so much!! I'm one happy customer 😀👍 ~ Julie

I've had the pleasure of working closely with Victoria Elizabeth for almost 10 years now. Not only is she someone I'm proud to call a friend, but she's also a true professional in her field. We are both Reiki Master teachers and have practiced together professionally for 5 of those years. I've enjoyed watching her intuitive abilities at work as she could sense negative energies that needed to be released and cleared from a person or a place. She always calls upon God, Arch Angel Micheal and other warrior angels for assistance and protection in clearing out these energies. Her desire is to help everyone who wants to live a life close to the source energy of light and love. ~ Patrick ... Reiki Master / teacher and martial arts instructor

Sacred Energy 33 beautiful energy healing

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This space is reserved for your testimonial 

Sacred Energy 33 Intuitive Reiki
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